This Is Jamaica Ska - Presenting The Ska-Talites

This Is Jamaica Ska - Presenting The Ska-Talites

Rock A Shacka ‎/ Studio One
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This Is Jamaica Ska - Presenting The Ska-Talites

This is the iconic Ska compilation from Coxsone / Studio One including top tunes like The Wailer’ s “Simmer Down” “How Many times (Do You Remember)” and Jackie Opel’ s “Push Wood” “Sit Down Servant” released in 1964 - 65, when Ska was at its zenith.

Andy & Joey’ s evergreen “You’ re Wondering Now” has been famously covered by The Specials and the late Amy Winehouse. “Wonder No More” was an earnest follow-up. The cover of Willie Mitchell’ s “20-75” is replaced by brushed up 7 inch version. Don Drummond’ s “Heaven & Erth” has been mis credited on original LP & reissues as “Roll On Sweet Don” but this is the right title.


A1.   The Wailers - Simmer Down - 
A2.   The Ska-Talites - Salt Lane Gal - 
A3.   Jackie Opel - Push Wood - 
A4.   Andy & Joey - Wonder No More - 
A5.   Roland Alphonso - Bongo Tango - 
A6.   Roland Alphonso - Sucu-Sucu - 

B1.   Roland Alphonso - 20-75 - 
B2.   Jackie & Doreen - The Vow - 
B3.   The Wailers - How Many Times - 
B4.   Don Drummond & Roland Alphonso - Roll On Sweet Don - 
B5.   Jackie Opel - Sit Down Sweet Servant - 
B6.   Wailers - Go,Jimmy,Go