Long In The Tooth

: Budos Band, the
: LP
: Daptone Records


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Celebrating 15 years from the release of their debut album, Daptone's Royal Court from Staten Island delivers a truly epic collection of new material that finds the group further bridging the gap between the farfisa-fueled Ethio-Funk stylings of their early recordings, with the psychedelic, Sabbath-inspired hellfire of late.

Long in the Tooth represents the culmination of a 15-year journey by a band that has consistently carved its own distinct path through the grooves of history.


A1.   Long In The Tooth.   
A2.   Sixth Hammer.   
A3.   Snake Hawk.   
A4.   Dusterado.   
A5.   Silver Stallion.   
A6.   Haunted Sea.   

B1.   The Wrangler.   
B2.   Gun Metal Grey.   
B3.   Mierda De Toro.   
B4.   Budonian Knight.   
B5.   Renegade


Baritone Saxophone – Jared Tankel
Bass – Dan Foder
Congas – Bobby Lombardo
Cowbell – Rich Terrana 
Drum – Brian Profilio
Guitar – Tom Brenneck 
Organ – Mike Deller
Timpani – Moon Bancs
Trumpet – Andrew Greene, Dave Guy