Walk Like A Moonster

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Beach Moonsters
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Walk Like A Moonster

Legend has it that when the great Dick Dale passed away, his body was submerged in the ocean, as an old voodoo tradition has it, and accidentally served as a meal for 3 sea monsters hungry for reverb and tremolo. Mysteriously, the spirit of the master would have possessed the brains of these 3 evil creatures. Since then, every full moon, swimmers and surfers fear the return of those they call The Beach Moonsters!


A1.   Moonsters Theme.   5:28
A2.   Walk like a moonster 3:08
A3.   Psychotic Seagull.   2:53
A4.   El Paseo del Gringo.   3:05
A5.   Before the death of the Gringo.   3:47

B1.   Creature of the Guanabara bay.   3:39
B2.   Invasion of the Sharkmen.   2:54
B3.   Panic at Omaha beach.   2:41
B4.   Evil Highway.   2:31
B5.   Sirtasurf Stomp.   5:28