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Alternative Hits

: Chelsea
: LP
: Let Them Eat Vinyl


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Limited edition
Yellow vinyl
Gatefold jacket

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Alternative Hits is the second album released by British punk rock legends Chelsea. Since many of the album's tracks had been previously released as singles, Alternative Hits is sometimes regarded as a compilation album. "Alternative hits" is a complete album in every sense. Pure punk melody and power shines throughout.


A1  No Escape
A2  Urban Kids
A3  No Flowers
A4  All The Downs
A5  Right To Work
A6  Look At The Outside
A7  What Would You Do
A8  No One's Coming Outside
A9  The Loner

B1  Don't Get Me Wrong
B2  Decide
B3  Come On
B4  High Rise Living
B5  No Admission
B6  Blind Date
B7  Pretty Vacant
B8  Curfew