Better Get Ready

Better Get Ready

Kingston Sounds
Pat Kelly
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Better Get Ready


• A1:    Those Guys
• A2:    Loving Pauper
• A3:    Last Chance
• A4:    You And Your Smiling Face
• A5:    One In A Million
• A6:    No Love
• A7:    I Started A Joke
• A8:    Man Of My Word
• B1:    I Can't Explain
• B2:    One Man Stand
• B3:    I Wish It Would Rain
• B4:    I Hear Them Say
• B5:    Better Get Ready
• B6:    Midnight Hour
• B7:    Butterflies

Pat Kelly out of all the Jamaican singers was influenced most by the voice of American soul singer Sam Cooke.As were indeed many of the singers from that time,few however could carry out this daunting task as well as Pat Kelly.

His delivery was perfect and so was his ability to carry any song that came his way. Pat Kelly (born 1949,Kingston,Jamaica) began his singing career in 1967 when he replaced Slim Smith as lead singer of The Techniques,his voice working so well with the impeccable harmonies of Winston Riley and Bruce Ruffin.

Their first hit for the mighty Duke Reid stable was a version of Curtis Mayfield's tune 'You'll Want Me Back' retitled 'You Don't Care' which held the Number 1 slot in Jamaica for the six weeks.

For this release we have focused on material that Mr.Kelly had recorded with legendary Jamaican prodcer Bunny'Striker'Lee.
A match made in heaven and one that produced some of their finest work.
Tracks such as 'One In a Million','One Man Stand','Man Of My Word','I Started a Joke'.. .
So sit back and you better get ready for an albums worth of great songs sung and delivered as only the great Pat Kelly could...
Respect Jah Floyd........