Rock My Soul
Rock My Soul
Rock My Soul
Rock My Soul

Rock My Soul

GRO-LP 126
Grover Records
Valkyrians, the
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Rock My Soul

"Rock My Soul! The Valkyrians had been working on new material for a year, taking a step out of their comfort zone, being influenced outside of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae. New songs were inspired by Soul, Funk and Manchester pop - not forgetting Rock and Roll!

With these new songs the band wanted to bring in a producer that could contribute with the band's sound. Lauri Eloranta (Melrose, P Kii, Damn Seagulls, French Films) felt like the perfect person for the task and he was eager to join the project, so recordings took place at Lauri's studio in Helsinki. The result is a stunning album with 10 self penned tracks!

A1.     Get High    
A2.     Rhythm Rider    
A3.     Suzie    
A4.     New Sheriff In Town    
A5.     Rainy Day    

B1.     Woman Abroad    
B2.     Rock My Soul    
B3.     Cool It    
B4.     Call Me After Midnight    
B5.     Home

This LP comes with a CD with the full album.