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The Amazing James Brown

: James Brown & The Famous Flames
: CD
: Hallmark Music & Entertainment


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Long before he was the Godfather of Soul, James Brown was an artist that King Records struggled to fully understand or appreciate. His breakthrough hit Please Please Please was nearly not released, owing to the record company executive believing it to be rubbish and being perhaps as surprised as the public when it went on to become a major smash. King then tried to position him as a blues singer, only to see his body of work become revered on the R&B market. In time James would cross over to the pop field and register a series of hits that confirmed him as one of the biggest stars in popular music, irrespective of genre. This particular album was originally released in 1961 and whilst it failed to chart does contain no fewer than four hit singles.


1.   Just You And Me Darling.   
2.   I Love You, Yes I Do.   
3.   I Don't Mind.   
4.   Come Over Here.   
5.   The Bells.   
6.   Love Don't Love Nobody.   
7.   Dancin' Little Thing.   
8.   Lost Someone.   
9.   And I Do Just What I Want.   
10.   So Long.   
11.   You Don't Have To Go.   
12.   Tell Me What You're Gonna Do