Down And Out - Ike Turner Recordings 1951-1959

Down And Out - Ike Turner Recordings 1951-1959

Jerome Records
Ike Turner
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Down And Out - Ike Turner Recordings 1951-1959

"Down and Out" -available on vinyl only- gathers the very best of Ike's output as a solo artist and as the leader of the Kings of Rhythm during the fifties. This feast of raw R&B includes "Im Lonesome Baby", his legendary first 45, the killer instrumentals "Cuban Getaway" and "Cubano Jump", as well as "Box Top", the recording debut of a very young Tina.

Exquisite cover art, remastered sound, liner notes and discography by specialist Fred Rothwell, the man who is currently writing Ike Turner's biography.

A1     I'm Lonesome Baby     2:59
A2     You're Driving Me Insane     2:22
A3     Cubano Jump     2:16
A4     Trouble And Heartaches     2:33
A5     Looking For My Baby     2:28
A6     Cuban Getaway     3:10
A7     I Wanna Make Love To You     1:57

B1     Loosely     2:29
B2     Boxtop     2:08
B3     (I Know) You Don't Love Me     2:10
B4     Go To It     2:22
B5     Down & Out     3:26
B6     Walking Down The Aisle     2:12
B7     My Love     2:19