Fight Amongst Yourselves

Fight Amongst Yourselves


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Radiation Records
Carpettes, the
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Fight Amongst Yourselves
GREEN VINYL. Neo-Mod act the Carpettes began as a Stones-influenced school band, formed in the small northeast Norman town of Houghton-le-Spring in the mid-l97Os, the trio of frontman Neil Thompson, bassist George Maddison, and drummer Kevin Heard shifting to punk before signing to Small Wonder as a Mod revival act. By the time they joined the Beggar's Banquet roster in 1978, Heard was replaced by Tim Wilder (with Simon Smith of the Merton Parkas briefly in the fold). Sophomore album Fight Amongst Yourselves is arguably their best, the appealing material ranging from the socially-relevant power-pop of the title track and the pop-punk of 'The Reason I'm Lonely' to the reggae cadences of 'The Last Lone Ranger'.


A1.   Nothing Ever Changes
A2.   Since You Went Away
A3.   False Foundations
A4.   Fight Amongst Yourselves
A5.   Dead Or Alive
A6.   If Your Heart Stopped Now

B1.   Friday Night: Saturday Morning
B2.   The Last Lone Ranger
B3.   Youth Rebellion
B4.   The Reason I'm Lonely
B5.   Total Insecurity
B6.   Silly Game