Rudy Skankin' On The Moon


Limited edition 7" single

Original Gravity
Roy Ellis
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Rudy Skankin' On The Moon

For those already familiar with the Original Gravity label, many will have heard (and maybe own) the Reggae Dynamite vol.2 EP on which the song “Rudy Skankin’ On The Moon” first appeared. Released in October 2020, the version on the EP was recorded with  Melbourne Douglas on lead vocals.

However, I had written the tune around a year earlier than that. My idea was a “sequel” to the all-time classic Symarip monster Skinhead Moonstomp with the starting point being a member of the original crew (a Rude Boy who was a little bit too laid back) missing the return trip back to earth by turning up late for lift off, leaving him stranded, with the advice “keep on skanking” ringing in his ears.

Of course, I borrowed heavily from Skinhead Moonstomp, I had a lot of fun putting the original track together and Melbourne (and friends) did a great job on the vocals. However, essentially I had written the song for Roy Ellis to sing with the vague idea/hope that maybe, that might happen at some point. It wasn’t feasible at the time, but fast forward to early 2022 and the opportunity presented itself and so, happily, here we are!

Skinhead Moonstomp is one of my all time favourite Reggae tunes, so I am totally honoured to finally collaborate with the legendary Roy Ellis on this record. Roy had some brilliant ideas for additional lyrics and he brings his own personality and peerless vocals to the tune and I am very much “over the moon” with the results. I hope you like it too!

Neil Anderson  Original Gravity Records 2022


A.   Roy Ellis - Rudy Skankin' On The Moon
B.   Woodfield Rd Allstars - Moonwalkin'