Stars On Parade
Stars On Parade
Stars On Parade
Stars On Parade

Stars On Parade

Rock A Shacka
VV. AA. (Studio One All Stars)
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Stars On Parade
Many collectors had thought the first Coxsone LP was “All Star Top Hits,” but this “Stars On Parade” is the real owner of that honor. The original pressing was quite few and most copies disappeared.
Extremely rare in Jamaican musical history and it has high historical value as the distinguished Studio One’s first album.

You can enjoy the big shot of Clancy Eccles “Freedom” and other boogie shuffle tunes from the era before Ska.
Very important work as the origin of not only Studio One, but all time Jamaican music from Ska, Rock Steady, and Reggae to Dancehall.

The liner notes by Brian Keyo include firsthand information from the artists which reveals the background of the Jamaican music scene at that time.


A1.   Clue J & His Blues Blasters - Beeston Street Riff - 
A2.   Aubrey Adams & Blues Blasters - Little Willie - 
A3.   The Blues Busters - I Done You Wrong  - 
A4.   Simms & Robinson - I Love You - 
A5.   The Charmers - My Heart - 
A6.   Owen Gray - I Need A Little Loving - 

B1.   Dennis Sindrey & Rico - Campus Hop - 
B2.   Winston Samuel - I Was Wrong - 
B3.   Clancy Eccles - Freedom - 
B4.   The Charmers - Lonely Boy - 
B5.   Dennis Sindrey & The City Slickers - Rub Up (Jamaican Song) - 
B6.   Blues Busters - Donna


Artwork By – Naoya Arakawa 
Engineer – Graeme Goodall
Liner Notes – Brian Keyo
Producer – Clement "Coxsone" Dodd