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Bandulo Rock

: Matic, Kenrick & The Aggrovators
: 10"
: Justice ‎/ Pressure Sounds


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For decades, any sound system worth their salt, headed to the dub cutters to get a piece of the “ Late Night Blues” riddim. Acetate after acetate of the riddim rumbled through speakers from Brixton to the Bronx making it a certified sound system classic. Now, Pressure Sounds comes with four exclusive cuts of the Late Night Blues rhythm. The first 2 cuts combines Diggory Kenrick’s always-in-demand flute with the legendary Matic Horns on Side A. The flipside takes the riddim into deep, dubbed-out territory with two dangerous cuts. A welcome addition to the Late Night cult!


A1.   Matic, Kenrick & The Aggrovators, Diggory Kenrick, Matic Horns - Bandulo Rock - 
A2.   Matic, Kenrick & The Aggrovators, Diggory Kenrick, Matic Horns - Bandulo Dub - 

B1.   Diggory Kenrick & The Aggrovators, Diggory Kenrick, The Aggrovators - Late Night Blues - 
B2.   Diggory Kenrick & The Aggrovators, Diggory Kenrick, The Aggrovators - Right Time Dub